Sunday, 27 March 2011

The truth of Life

Life is of 5 days, 1st day you are a child, 2nd day you are teen, 3rd day you are a grown up , 4th day you are old and 5th day you die.We are here for 5 days, don't love this life.Once you love it then you will care for it then you will get hurt then you feel sorrow.Instead don't care and think we are here for few days then we have to go back from where we came.And when we go back, what face will we show ?

Have you ever thought about it, it shocks me whenever i think about it.I don't know about you.At times somethings are very easy and other time like the plane crashes everything falls down.

Don't desire this life, this is just a drama.At the end of the drama there is no hero,no mother,no father just no one and all are in a line.


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