Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Poetry from the needle of heart

The heart is a piece of meat without your love
The love is the soothing of a burning sorrow
The sorrow is a piece of trial without you is a loss
The loss is no better than death
The death is the heart turning to piece of a meat

O beloved without your love heart is a piece of a meat

The fragrance of the heart
Is the smell of your love
The purity of the heart
Is the smell of your love

O beloved without your love heart is a piece of meat

Monday, 28 March 2011

Trials of social life.

When you meet someone it is test by Allah how you treat that person.

When you meet a person whose clothes are torn apart, who looks as if he has not eaten for ages then it will be a test whether you help him or not.

When you meet a person who is old and his beard and hair are white, it is the test of Allah on how you treat them.Whether you respect them or rather consider yourself to be superior.Remember Allah has mercy on those who have white beards and white hair and also remember that he might have done more good deeds than you have since his life might be long.

When you meet a person who is young, it is the test of Allah on how you treat them.Whether you respect them or rather consider yourself to be superior to them thinking that he doesn't know the world where as you do.Nay ! He has just come into this world,his sins will be very less than you so you should respect him.

When you meet a person who is a disbeliever, it is the test of Allah on how you treat them.Whether you consider yourself superior over them or not.Allah tests you with their speech, with their actions and how you be in your limits set by Allah.

So do not consider yourself superior.If you ask a scholar who has spent his whole life in studying Islam, that are you superior than me? He will say in negative.

It was Imam Hassan al-basri radiallah taala anhu's words that if Allah rejects your deeds and everything.Will you do, run down a strike or fight against Allah ?

Nay! Fear Allah and guard your deeds.Say what is haq and never consider yourself to be superior to others be it anyone in front of you.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

The truth of Life

Life is of 5 days, 1st day you are a child, 2nd day you are teen, 3rd day you are a grown up , 4th day you are old and 5th day you die.We are here for 5 days, don't love this life.Once you love it then you will care for it then you will get hurt then you feel sorrow.Instead don't care and think we are here for few days then we have to go back from where we came.And when we go back, what face will we show ?

Have you ever thought about it, it shocks me whenever i think about it.I don't know about you.At times somethings are very easy and other time like the plane crashes everything falls down.

Don't desire this life, this is just a drama.At the end of the drama there is no hero,no mother,no father just no one and all are in a line.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Poetry from the needle of heart

I love your white clothes
the people see you in those clothes
am i so worthy to write something about you
i only begrime myself with my poor hands

where that cloud which comes on top of you
i hear the cloud say that your crown is so high
you travel anywhere your lord takes you very high
the kaba itself say i am for you

those eyes which see you
the most clear view
like my heart is full with your caused dew
you the one who is the prince of both the world

You the most beloved of the creator
those lanes which are so destined to see you walk on them
those lanes which say i am for you
like those swords which said i am for you

quran which is the book of Allah
Where Allah answers for you
Wherever you kept quite and turned towards Allah
Allah sent down his servant to answer for you

those blood drops which you used to hold for the ummah
with your own two hands when stones where thrown on you
have it been dropped on the ground from your skin
it would have then been qayamah

your love is in reality the imaan
your word is in reality the word of Allah
my hands are very dirty
To describe your purity

i am here but my heart is in medina.
Don't forget us on the day of qayamah
we might be seen as sinned
ours hearts are like dead

i am here but my heart is in medina
don't forget us on the day of qayamah

Friday, 25 March 2011

Sabr al-jameel.

Sometimes we make dua, we think that tomorrow is where we will see to happen.Then we see for day after tomorrow then we see after one month or one year.But a messenger of Allah waited for 40 years after his dua was accepted, he (alaihisalaam) never went out saying why is it not taken place or anything.

Your dua is accepted once you do it,leave upon Allah all- knowing, who knows the best time which you don't know.Who knows what you don't know and what you know may not be the reality and what Allah knows is always reality.Allah knows the future and everything, nothing goes out of his compass.

Leave it on Allah and sabr, indeed Allah is with those who have sabr that whatever Allah does is beneficient for you in sadness and it happiness think Allah has done right on.If you feel that you are suffering something, ask forgiveness to Allah.Your suffer will subside.When you have more sadness, say alhumdulilah.This is where one should say alhumdulilah and ask Allah for a better life.If you are in happiness, then thank Allah again.If you are in a merry then remember Allah that tomorrow is unseen where anything can happen.

Hope the above is a very big prayer that i gave you which you can do anytime in the day you want.

If you have parents, then ask them to pray for you.Especially your father.

May Allah grants us good life and good akheerah.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Imam of Islam

Imam is a leader, more knowledgeable in handling the folk behind him.

He is the one elder in his deen, in his taqwa, in his ikhlaas,in his akhlaaq, in his purity, verily worthy of guiding others by knowing fiqh.

An imam can be regarded as ulema as well, like Imaam e azam abu hanifah radiallah taala anhu who is the best ulema i.e. in his way of teachings and in his understanding of fiqh in following rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam.

Like Imam ul ambiyah al-murlsaleen rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam is the leader of all the prophets including us and verily as described by Allah as ahmed and abdullah.

Imaam deals with fardh al-kifayah, by which he does good to his fellow muslims and follows the message of Allah also spreading it.

He lives for allah, he dies for Allah.

A powerful & moving rendition of the Qasida Burda of Imam Busiri by Shaykh Diya' of Amman, Jordan. Chapters 1 & 2

The purpose of life

The consciousness is that part of the entity which has the capability to distinguish between different views.

Although each and every person is not same and there are different sets of people.But in the end there will be only two sets one true and another false.The question is that a developed exposition of the system affects the level of understanding.The choices are made by the person's individual consciousness.The person can deny or accept it by his own self.He can say I do not accept it or rather confirm in acceptance.Is there a guarantee that a person who has been exposed with the enlightenment will definitely accept.There is no such guarantee that the person will accept, because it is his choice and the basis of the choices differ from each individual to individual.

So then, search for the self realization.

Don't include me in the theists, these days the theists are worshiping their own desires.Call me Muslim which is what I deserve.

Now this is really funny, a medicine is not "you".The more funny part is to actually find yourself in your whole body i.e. where are "you" in your own body.

Moving to elaborate.You will not survive without food i.e. you cannot survive on your own.

You can't even digest the food and control the digestion on your own.

You can't even control the flow of blood on your own.

You can't even reproduce(if you are female) on your own.

You need many things to live for yourself, now you can't decompose on your own if you are dead and you can't live on your own.

Now when you can't even decompose after death, you can't live on your own, how are you made on your own?

This is the question that should be asked.

So thus it is concluded, that you cannot do anything on your own.From decomposing, to curing yourself,to surviving.You require an external entity.

Let us move on as to who reproduces?

When a female and male come into contact for reproduction.Tell me, can the male child or female child can control the number of births (i.e. twins,triplets etc)? Or are they able to produce a girl or a boy on their own?

But still we require a female and male for reproduction either in any form, we require them both.If we have just female alive and no males, then she cannot reproduce on their own.But if we have just males, then of course they cannot reproduce on their own.

So firstly, a female cannot reproduce on their own nor can males.But even if they both come together, they cannot control or rather reproduce as they wish on their own.This requires another entity.

Don't compare yourself with mountain, it is a non-living thing.

You can control all your physical appearance, but what I am talking about is which your body is constituted of.Are you able to control the blood inside you, are you able to control the cell's pigmentation, are you able to control your digestion, are you able to control anything other than your physical appearance ?

You call it your blood right, you call it your skin, you call it your stomach, you call it your nerves, you call it your heart.Then tell me how are you not able to control it?

All you are able to control is your hands, head,more specifically your cerebral cortex (of course with thoughts of nervous tensions),brain/mind, arms/legs, genitals, et cetera.

Just for a second Imagine a soldier going to a war.Now the people behind whom he left, they give him food,required arms and ammunition to fight.Now if instead of giving him arms and ammunition, what if they give him a piano to sing a song? Or rather instead of food they give him rappers of toffees.It will never make sense that he is going for a war, but instead the people giving him should give only which necessitates him in the war.Such as food, required arms and ammunition.

Similarly, after you get the idea of purpose and destiny.

The following verse of Quran shows the same.

He created everything for its destiny (or its measure) (Al-Furqan 25: 2)

We created everything according to a measure or destiny. (Al-Qamar 54:9)

So, the purpose of human being is to worship Allah.The things that are bestowed to you (which you have control) are for the sole purpose of worshiping Allah only.Thereby whatever you have will be only used for worshiping Allah only.Just as a I said, a soldier if given vegetables to fight then it doesn't makes sense that he is a soldier or rather his main cause is to go and fight.

Now you can't worship with the control of your blood,your digestion,cell's pigmentation or anything that constitutes your body other than physical.

So if you go back to what I said, every single creation is made for the cause.The lizard can crawl on the wall, can you crawl over like it does ? Certainly not.Because you are a human.So if the soldier, by any accident forgets his mission by memory loss.He looks at his uniform,his clothes,his weapons,his food and realizes his cause.Similarly we should also realize our cause.The cause of worshiping Allah.
Allah Most High explained that the only purpose and meaning for the existence of humanity is to worship Allah:

I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me. (Quran, 51.56)

The very basis of worship is submission. Raghib al-Isfahani explained that,

Slavehood (`ubudiyya) is manifesting abasement. Worship (`ibada) is more emphatic, for it is the limits of abasement, and no one is deserving of it except the one who has absolute granting, which is Allah Most High. This is why he said, That you not worship other than Him. [Quran, 17.23]

Muslims when they say that we worship Allah, we mean we abide by the law (shariah) of Allah and in obedience of Allah.There is no deity except Allah muhammed mustafa is the prophet of Allah 

Emotional and heart felt Qasidah Burdah

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Poetry from the needle of heart

I don't know what my heart feels like but it is beating with love
My eyes are going blind due to tears of love
Or is it by tears that flow I remember my love
yes it is nothing like loving from the needle of my heart.

Have i thought that i would read his kalima after he reads it
Never in my life my eyes been so wet remembering him
how is it that Allah has made him
how is it he is so beautiful and so lovable

The needle inside my heart is not big
But it is paining
The pain comes through my heart
Or it comes from me missing him

I have seen nothing with my eyes
Wish i had but no i never did
Only if i did
Would it be much better and the feeling of paradise would be then in my eyes
Moving through inside my heart

I feel like leaving this whole world
I feel like leaving myself lost completely in his love
I feel like closing my eyes forever in search of his sight
I feel like flowing my tears when i remember him

This is his love but who am i to be called as a lover
Who am i in the huge mob of lovers
Indeed my identity is lost in the huge mob of lovers
But it is indeed an identity to have
Lost in the huge mob of lovers

I have pulled my head down to his words
But my heart denied to do it
Then my heart was lightened
And then my heart also pulled into his words

His eyes of which saw many things
His ears of which heard many things
His heart of which felt many things
His mouth of which only spoke the word of Allah

His heart turns towards his creator
Asking for the bounties for the ummah
With tears on the bed might have been an ocean of tears
When he remembered his creator

Being awake all night in fear
Seeing all the ummah afflicted in pain and sufferings
He and his creator only knows what it was and what it has become
My closed eyes still search for him to come

My search ends when i read the kalima again
I remember everything again
I cherish it again
Again and again and again all night

But my nafs oh it does take over me
Calling me to by diseasing my heart inside me
But again my heart is lightened up
Again i cherish it again
Again and again and again all night until my pillow is wet with tears

But is it enough to prove my love
No it isn't because i am just man with a love
Love might which is equal to needle
Comparing to the mob of lovers.

Now my heart is feeling a little less heavy.