Saturday, 16 July 2011

The one and you

People remind themselves that they are very happy.In every circumstances they see their surroundings and tell themselves how happy they are.But the real question is that are these surroundings going to be with him forever.We believe that whatever we see are those things that would make us happy in life.Wish we had no eyes then we would realize that once we close our eyes then nothing is ours.

Today the mankind is outside more than inside.We live our lives more of outside than from the inside.And many have imagination of outside as their kabah.It is only you and Allah that is going to be forever.Rest all are now who knows about tomorrow.And Allah will be with you forever wherever you go.

I and Allah is all forever and rest is and not.Is and not can be just like rain and sunny.Or sunny and rain but there is always a sky or base for me.And without which I am not existing.Allah is with me forever and rest is  or not tomorrow.