Thursday, 28 April 2011

Life of corporation And Life of home

A human always behaves according to his requirement.If he is required to eat, he starts behaving hungry.If he is required to sleep, he starts behaving sleepy.It is natural.Similarly it is natural for a person to have the life of corporation where he works to penetrate into his mind.Depending upon this, he judges many different situations from the mindset he has, which is acquired by working in a Corporation.

The management, the lifestyle, the communication and everything in the corporation.It is dependent upon the needs, since there are different kinds of people coming to work in it.There are protocols which manage all the communication.And each communication has a different protocol.

The reason why this post has been made is to enlighten that the employees of corporations tend to behave rather absurdly in their homes and apply the same protocols in their home ending up in separate ways (divorce).

We have to understand that our spouse is not our boss or our colleague or our client or our watchman or anyone in our corporation.But our spouse be it husband or wife, he/she is a special person in your life.And you should have a separate set of rules.Not the rules decided in the corporations.But it is the rules of mutual respect, love and transparency between the both wife and husband.

This is very small topic to have a glance, but it affects your life which you might not even know about it.You just cannot deal your wife as in if she is late, I will leave her at home and go.Or rather if she is busy in shopping you just cannot leave her at the shop then run away at home saying we have to be "punctual".

Or rather if she is slow in working at home.You just cannot scold her saying, why are you so slow ! I will marry another women.As if you are saying, if you cannot manage the work I have given.I will hire another personal to help you.No, this is your personal life.You should instead help her, appreciate to whatever she does.Rather than insulting her in front of your friends or family.

There are other examples as well.But the point is to make you realize that Islam teaches us to be more profound and have insight in whatever we do.Syeddina rasulullah salellahualaihiwasalam was a good learner, good teacher and a person who had a deep insight in everything.We should also follow the sunnah.We should also have deep insight in everything and decide taking everything into account.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The will of Allah and judgment

The question of will of Allah should be understood with not small resolution of thought and realization.But your view should be expanded , you should come out of your self thoughts which cling to us and forcing not allowing us to understand the truth.

Allah's will is upon everything and it is universal, thus it can be even claimed from Islam that even a leaf moves by wind with the knowledge of Allah and with the will of Allah.But a leaf does not have a day of judgment.A stone for example becomes into dust by the will of Allah.Every single thing is the creation of Allah.And Allah is uncreated.Now you tell me, if everything is Allah's creation.Then who can dare ask Allah what you did is wrong,in fact the truth is that it is Allah's creation and Allah can do whatever he wants with it.Who are we to question?

A human being was not created by Allah and then Allah came to know about that person.Instead it is that Allah knew about you well before you were even created.Now a question arises that Allah's will is on everything.Now why do we have to do good or bad, it is Allah's will how can Allah punish his own will.Or rather say that how can Allah call for judgement of his own will.Or rather you would say that how can Allah punish a person who committed suicide when the ultimate will of a person's death is decided by Allah.Or you will say that how can Allah hate crime but still allow it happen.Or you will say that how can Allah let disbelievers to exist.

Well the question to the above is simply that it is Allah's creation, if Allah wants to put his creation into fire then who is to ask Allah?

If Allah wants to put his creation into the paradise then who is to ask Allah?

But the question is how can we understand it rationally?

A human can raise his arm when he wants.But he will only raise his arm when Allah has provided him the arm on Allah's will.Now once the human is given with the arm, he shall do whatever he can but still with Allah's will.If Allah wills then some accident may happen and he is left with broken arm.Now what he will do with arm either good or bad will be questioned.It is not like Allah is asking you to do bad, instead Allah is asking you to do good.But you are doing bad.So the universal decree is Allah's will but your sub-servant will is also present here.Since it is present, you will be questioned on it.

It is impossible to say that you did not willed.It is highly illogical to say that you did not willed and it is very clear that you willed.This will drag you to be on judgment.

Consider another example, Allah has given you money.Now Allah's will is such that by Allah's will you have given money, by Allah's will you will spend it and by Allah's will you will have return from it.

Now Allah has given you money out of mercy, now you spend it good or bad.Now if you spend it bad, then your will of spending bad.This will be questioned.And the return again depends upon Allah's will.

Any other animal such as a dog or bird or lion or fish do not have the brains to choose between right and wrong, then sustain according to it.Similarly not everyone is rich.Those who are rich will be responsible on how they spend and those who have brains will be responsible on how they use it.For good or for bad.

But Allah's will is universal, it does not mean that there is no will of yours.Your sub-servant will is also present.Everyone i.e. Muslim or non-Muslim all were present before we were born.We all witnessed that Allah is one and attested our self as Muslims.Now here we are being tested really.Since there, we had no will of ours and here we have our will.

This sub-servant will of ours from our brains is vital and drags us to the court of Allah.This life of earth is like the blink of eye you know, the moment we blink we are gone and the rest of the life is after we are raised again.That is the eternal life.Not this one, this life is bound with many hardships and challenges.And syeddina rasulullah salellahualaihiwasalam used to worship Allah and specifically invoke Allah saying that oh Allah do not let me in the hardships which I cannot come winning lawfully.

So hardships, evils are part of this world.If the evils did not existed then what would be the meaning of good then?

Like if darkness did not existed then what would be the use of light then?

The use light is only when there is darkness and if there is no darkness then there is no use of light.

If Allah starts checking our deeds,I don't know yours but mine might not be found with anything good and rely on Allah for my forgiveness.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Poetry from the needle of heart

Allah calls for must in the doing of the beloved
Then the beloved is so loved by Allah
Orders the worshiper after all the exercise you have done
Do you want your worship to be accepted

The worshiper in obedience answers affirmative
Orders the worshiper to ask for the blessings of the beloved
The worshiper asks for it
Allah says your worship is finished now and close your worship

The lover goes on coming close to his master
The eyes just wonder on his purity
The brains betray the heart
The heart loves and the beloved is loved

The master of the beloved remembers the beloved every time
The beloved also remembers the master every time
The lovers of the beloved are also remembered by the master
The minds will wonder about

The needle of my heart has the answers to your brain
Abu jahel will still be lost being in makkah
For hating the beloved
But qarni will still make his way through the deserts of the Arab
For loving the beloved

Qarni who used to love the beloved of Allah
Weeping when jokes being laughed
Joyful when sadness been ripped apart
The yemeni the beloved of the beloved

No sadness can take over the lover of beloved
In joy the lover remembers the master of the beloved

Friday, 8 April 2011

Poetry from the needle of heart

The beloved of  Allah
When days started come into infliction
The sight of the beloved is seen
The relief and gift of infliction

What a good infliction with a sight of beloved
Whose face is as bright 
Which day of moon can stand infront of the brightness of beloved
Eyes just witness and witness and witness

He had no money for himself
He had much money bestowed
But he was the beloved
Scarified everything leaving the master only in his heart forever

The slave has no option but to listen to his master
The day of master came when he thought of relief
Asked his slave a few amount for freedom
His slave started working in night doing work of master in the day

The slave used to dug a grave
Earn one coin a night returning to his master
Returning at service of master thereby returning to the grave
Master came aware of the grave realizing the crime of slave

  The slave departed to the grave
The master followed him to the grave
Both the slave and master in the graveyard
The slave dug the grave

With his two foots on the ground
Started praying to his real master
While the master ashamed of his shameful blame
Stood amazed in spy

The slave later departed to the mosque
Followed the master as close as he can
He sat in the front and he sat behind him
He finally finished his duty of the night

Raising his hand towards his master
He asked his master Oh lord now my master 
Will ask a coin and how will I give him
The coin in its form appeared in his hand

Ashamed in tears was the master just behind him
He came running home in shame and pity
As the slave returned with the coin
His lord gifted him all the coins he required

The master in submittable stand
Asked to be the slave of the slave 
The obedience of a slave  in infliction
Taught by the beloved

Obey your lord,worship him and in total obedience
The one is the provider of everything
Whatever be the infliction
Raise the hands and it will be answered

Who else know the lord more than the most beloved
Who else know the lord more than the most beloved

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Allah Hu Allah Hu Nasheed Original

Classic arabic nasheed with english subtitles | Mawlay

Artist: محمد المقيط (Mohammad Al-Muqit)
Nasheed: مولاي (Mawlay - My Lord)

Poetry from the needle of heart

Love is like beautiful sky
Under which a lover loves to die
The ground is the green grass
The ants in grass of love which passes

The sight of this ambiance
The brightness of the day
The shining swords with a warm breeze
The lover with a sweat of perfume

The comforting sand for the forehead
The comforting place to stand behind
Like the ants in grass of lovers
The ground is the green grass

The sky is dark without you
My eyes see nothing but the darkness
Lost in the darkness of the dark sky
A dark sky is such a beautiful sky

Friday, 1 April 2011

Hasan bin abdullah [Verse 284-End] surah baqarah.Also with english translation

Poetry from the needle of Heart

Come everyone is invited
Everyone is welcome
The lines are for the one who is the faith of the faithful
The one who is the guardian of faith

He martyred in the grounds of karbalah
But is alive in every faithful giving the foundation of la-ilah
Rightly is my teacher who said
Ruler is hussain , emperor is hussain

The eyes of who lays the patience of oceans
The breath of who speaks the wisdom of oceans
The lovers of who are from medina to makkah
The righteous is he the correct he chooses
The prince in the ahlul baiyt

Rightly is my teacher who said
Faith is hussain, guardian of faith is hussain
The beloved of the chief of ambiyah
The prince in the ahlul baiyt

His martyred for the cause of his lord with a stand on haq
Taught us a lesson to always be on haq
Tacitly understood without any declaration
Hussain is haq hussain is haq