Sunday, 8 April 2012

Syedinna rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam on rahmath lil alamin

When say rahmath lil alamin we call upon Allah who is has rahmah and the alamin is the everything created by. Allah And Allah puts forth syedinna rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam in between.It is to wonder at the status of syedinna rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam.His obedience towards Allah.Where every other creation is on one hand and on other hand is syedinna rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam.

Alamin does not mean that particularly humans or rather this world.It means the whole seven kingdoms of Allah which includes the angels,shaitan,humans,jins,animals,air,water,light,dark,sun,moon,sand,mountains,trees and even stones.

The point of angels brings us to the fact that how could a bashar i.e. a person who poses human abilities could actually be a rahmah to them.When angels are such like almost perfect, they don't need to eat nor they become thirsty nothing can hide from them and they fly from heavens to earth to and fro.What could they have more rahmah than anything else.But it is note worthy to understand this that before there was a iblis who was also in the ranks of angels.Where he used to have everything but then he thought it is permanent and challenged the order of Allah.By which he ripped out of his rank and punished down to earth.This is what used to be incomplete and angels used to be scared of this.

When Islam came down and by syedinna rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam , Jibrael alaihisalaam came to know that all angels are the one who obey Allah always.It is seen in the verses of Qur'an Surah at-tahrim and Surah al baqarah.Where Allah says that whoever becomes enemies to the angels such as Jibrael and mikael alaihisalaam.Then Allah is enemy to those people.And angels do only what Allah orders them to do.

Then there was animals who were brutally killed leaving there lives and race next to seizure of existence.By Islam brought to everyone through syedinna rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam.These animals were divided.Not every animal was killed for food.And when they are killed, they are killed in such a way that they feel very less pain.And once they are totally life less.Only then they are further ripped.Unlike few animals who eat the animals alive.

Then there was moon,stars and sun.The sun who used to glisten by the light burning very bright and brightening light on earth.Through syedinna rasulallah salellahualaihwiasalam it is revealed that sun and moon both rotate according to the prescribed orders by Allah only.

Then the left over stars, there is a whole Surah where the pious slaves of Allah described with the name of najm i.e. stars.This itself is a mercy of Allah to the stars through syedinna rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam.

When it comes to Air.Allah reveals through syedinna rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam that  in Surah ar-rum.Allah says that air bring the glad tidings and mercy to the mankind.What more could the air ask for other than this.Then for the water, Allah says that we have sent down the blessed water so that we may have harvest through it and enjoy it.Indeed, Allah says that the air and water both from the mercy of Allah.

It was never revealed but only through the book that was revealed to syedinna rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam that all these were recorded and when Allah says it.It is true and Allah always keeps the promise.

Then the mountains comes along in the mercy of Allah through syedinna rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam.And Allah says that mountains are the one that guides others.A mountain that would be stable enough and high up in the sky.To guide and also to help from earth quakes.There was no book nor any scientific theory on this before a century.

Allah reveals through syedinna rasulallah salellahualaihiwasalam in many verses such as in surah surah luqman,surah al -ambiya,surah al nahl , surah an-naba,surah al-hijr,surah taha.

 And We set up firm mountains in the earth lest it should shake with them whilst rotating (in its orbit). And We made in this (earth) broad highways so that people might find routes (to reach different destinations).

Surah  al -ambiya

 Where if you see, these plate tectonics causes the earthquakes.And the tectonic plates are found underneath the mountains.If they shake, then earthquakes are caused.