Sunday, 1 May 2011

Poetry from the needle of heart

The respect of beloved is very high
The leader of angels appears by sitting on a chair in sky
Unkown of the respect of the beloved
But when the call of the lord came

Here comes the leader of angels
Behind him the army of angels
He comes to know the place of his forehead
The legs of beloved is the place of his forehead

The beloved is in his purity
His ride is also in innocence
It is the ride of the beloved 
No question that it will also be innocent

The leader of angels searches for a ride
Every single  ride is appealing
The scene of joy and excitement
There is lying that ride crying

In astonishment the leader of angels questions
The ride replies I will not be selected as a ride
This is what making him sad

Comes down the order of lord
Select this ride 

Allah has everything 
But Allah does not have one thing
The slave's submissive tears
Thinking of a gift to your lord

A wise will only gift what is required
A wise will only gift what is required